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  • GE Healthcare boasts over 50,000 employees across 160 countries, with African offices in the likes of Algeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, and more.
  • Paving the way as a global medical technology and digital solutions innovator, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics and applications.

The future of healthcare is changing, and GE Healthcare is paving the way by advancing personalised, connected, and compassionate medical care while simplifying the patient journey.


Only 16 years after the patenting of Thomas Edison’s light bulb, his colleague and General Electric (GE) co-Founder, Elihu Thomson, modified the electric lamp technology to develop an early X-ray machine that enabled doctors to diagnose bone fractures and locate foreign objects in a patient’s body for the first time. 

Today, GE Healthcare now boasts over 50,000 employees across 160 countries, with African offices in the likes of Algeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, and more. 

The company operates at the centre of an ecosystem that actively works towards precision health, digitising healthcare, helping drive productivity, and improving outcomes for patients, providers, health systems, and researchers in Africa and around the world. 

With a long and storied history of innovation, GE Healthcare has served patients and providers for more than 100 years and currently makes everything from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines to 4D ultrasound scanners, super-resolution microscopes, and bioreactors. 

Proud to be a stand-alone company, GE Healthcare is an undeniable leader in care provision, infusing forward-thinking strategies with patient-focused technologies to enable better care. It is dedicated to providing integrated solutions that ultimately make hospitals more efficient, clinicians more effective, therapies more precise, and patients healthier. 

GE Healthcare’s vast portfolio of solutions addresses the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry today, including helping to provide better outcomes and improve productivity. Ultimately, these qualities foster a community of strong trust, loyalty, and partnership with the organisation’s global customer base. 

The company is constantly rising to the challenge of building a world that works, bringing forth an era of more precise, connected, and compassionate care for all.

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With the aim of providing a broad array of healthcare tools and technologies to the largest number of people possible and a promise to differentially impact underserved populations, GE Healthcare is focused and passionate about making a difference and breaking down barriers to transform today’s personal challenges into tomorrow’s breakthrough solutions. 

Partnering with customers to fulfil healthcare’s greatest potential through ground-breaking medical technology, intelligent and connected devices, and care solutions, GE Healthcare knows that better tools enable better patient care in the long run. 

As a leader in digital healthcare innovation, along with being one of the world’s top three medical technology companies, the organisation works diligently to produce complex technology that simplifies healthcare. 

Whether it’s pin-sharp imagery that provides confidence for physicians, or digitally-led solutions that change how healthcare is delivered around the world, the company’s machines, software, and people make a genuine difference and never lose sight of what healthcare really needs – a human touch. 

In Africa and beyond, millions of people every day feel the beneficial impact of GE Healthcare’s intelligent devices, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Paving the way as a global medical technology and digital solutions innovator, the organisation enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications, and services, all supported by its Edison intelligence platform. 

By embracing creativity, acting boldly, and unlocking endless possibilities, GE Healthcare is creating a world where healthcare has no limits.

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As evident through all of GE Healthcare’s time-tested and steadfast work, it dreams big to deliver an accessible future for healthcare, including in Africa. 

This dream includes upholding a spirit of integrity and prioritising sustainability in all decisions made and steps taken. From safety and environmental stewardship to human rights and investment in local communities, GE Healthcare is dedicated to building a healthier environment where everyone can thrive. 

Specifically, climate actions are an integral part of the company’s mission to improve outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, and researchers around the world, and GE Healthcare is steadfast in the belief that it is the organisation’s responsibility to intensify its actions to further reduce emissions. This is especially important in Africa, a continent that is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. 

With the growing threat of climate change, systemic inequality, and global health disparities in Africa and indeed worldwide, the company recognises that following through on its sustainability goals has never been more essential than right now. 

GE Healthcare is looking to enable earlier, better, and faster diagnostics and treatment for people in need while reducing, or ideally even eliminating, its impact on the environment. 

To date, the company has made significant progress on these goals. 

GE Healthcare has seen a 27 percent reduction in operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since 2019, directly in line with its near-term goal to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050. 

The company has also introduced the GoldSeal circularity programme, which has reused and recycled 5.15 million kilogrammes (kg) of material from 6,700 recovered machines. 

These environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations are central to the GE Healthcare vision, and the company is embedding sustainable principles into the core of the business as it seeks to create a more sustainable and healthier world.   


GE Healthcare highlights the progression of diversity, equity, and inclusion within its company and for its people. 

It is strong in its belief that every voice makes a difference, which builds a healthier world. By embracing these diverse perspectives, GE Healthcare is ultimately better equipped to help improve lives in the moments that matter. 

It intentionally uses the word colleague when speaking about its many employees in order to reinforce a more team-based and less hierarchical culture. 

This desire for an inclusive and supportive work culture is furthered by its recent installation of a Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Officer, a set of cultural operating principles that is designed to serve, guide, and inspire GE Healthcare’s people, and a supplier diversity council to integrate diversity into its supplier selection process. 

Advancing new cultural operating principles is not just about programmes and initiatives, and GE Healthcare is well aware of this. 

So much so, that it has recently initiated a transformation in its culture via a multi-year, phased, and integrated change process. This process was formed to align awareness and understanding at all levels of the company to drive the adoption of the new principles and to foster the new culture across the entire company ecosystem. 

Ultimately, GE Healthcare recognises that to shape a culture of equity and inclusion, driving thoughtful engagement of all colleagues is of the utmost importance and that people are at the centre of all positive change.

Doctor portrait with arms crossed in hospital.


Impacting the lives of billions around the globe, many of which live in Africa, is a responsibility that GE Healthcare takes very seriously. 

With the ultimate goal of expanding access to care, the company believes that the advancement of precision health, greater digitisation of healthcare, and increasing access to quality care are all essential to accomplish this goal. 

GE Healthcare plays a critical role in helping healthcare systems and governments improve accessibility and outcomes for every patient by leading with a lean mindset. 

This mindset is how the company executes its strategy, aligns its priorities, and runs its business. GE Healthcare simplifies the complex, eliminates waste, and solves problems with speed and agility while being dedicated to safety and quality to deliver on its commitments to patients, customers, and stockholders. 

The company is firm in its belief that everyone it interacts with, from patients and providers to colleagues and customers, deserves the absolute best and to be heard with an open mind. 

GE Healthcare, in partnership with its global supplier network, strives to conduct business ethically, responsibly, and with integrity in order to deliver the highest quality products for the many patients in Africa and across the world who rely upon its services. 

With the company’s extensive history of innovating and setting the standards of healthcare, GE Healthcare has spearheaded the future of the industry, and today its dedicated team, leading technologies, and global reach help the world work more efficiently, reliably, and safely.

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