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From diagnostic MRI machines to life-saving cardiac defibrillators, medical devices are indispensable to modern medicine. Healthcare Outlook highlights dives into vital world of medical instruments and explore how, whether assisting in accurate diagnoses or aiding in surgeries, they continue to redefine the boundaries of medical possibilities.

Latest Medical Devices Corporate Stories

Revolutionary Roll-Out Of Innovative Diabetes Treatment

The NHS recently announced the nationwide roll-out of an innovative diabetes treatment, designed to automate insulin management and sustain healthy blood glucose levels. We learn how this can transform the lives of people who suffer from type 1 diabetes

Lily Sawyer By Lily Sawyer

Moog Medical : Life-Enhancing Performance Pumps

Delivering life-enhancing performance in infusion therapy and enteral feeding systems, we discuss the impact that Moog Medical has on the lives of patients with Vice President and General Manager, Mike Henderson.

Felix RevellJack Salter By Felix Revell Jack Salter

Hardy Diagnostics : Improving Health Together

Employee ownership has fostered a highly motivated “culture of service” at Hardy Diagnostics. President, Jay Hardy, discusses disease diagnosis and prevention

Jack SalterFelix Revell By Jack Salter Felix Revell