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Ovarian Cancer Awareness : Targeting What Matters 

As Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month approaches in March 2024, it’s more important than ever for healthcare professionals and the public alike to be aware of the key symptoms of the disease and red flags to look out for.

Sharon Tate By Sharon Tate

AI’s Answer to the Social Care Struggle

Rajiv Tanna, co-Founder and CPO of homecare technology partner, birdie, discusses how AI is ready to transform adult social care, but robots are not.

Rajiv Tanna By Rajiv Tanna

Outbreaks : Navigating Offshore and Marine Industries

With 2020 defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, what can the offshore and marine industries do to safeguard themselves against disease outbreaks? Martin Petricic, Gareth Burton, and Rear Admiral Joyce Johnson, tell us more.

Martin Petricic By Martin Petricic

Guinea-Bissau : Sustainable Vaccination Programmes

Guinea-Bissau's Minister of Public Health, Dr Magda Robalo, explains how vaccines do not just save lives, but transform countries by allowing more children to be educated and more people to thrive

Magda Robalo By Magda Robalo

Anytime Fitness Asia : From Fitness to Wellness

Though trends were formerly led by practitioners in fitness, the gym industry is becoming led by the consumer. Rey Bolivar, CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia, talks to us about the next decade of fitness and wellness.

Rey Bolivar By Rey Bolivar