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Explore Eye Care Services features from Healthcare Outlook. Here, you will find a curated collection of profiles on companies that specialize in providing top-quality eye care services to patients around the world.

From optometrists and ophthalmologists to eyewear manufacturers and suppliers, our Eye Care Services category features a diverse range of companies that are dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain optimal eye health.

Our corporate stories provide detailed information on each company’s history, services, and areas of expertise that are driving innovation in the eye care industry.

Latest Eye Care Services Corporate Stories

Auckland Eye : Eye Care Excellence

Speaking to Senior Ophthalmologist, Justin Mora, we take an in-depth look at Auckland Eye, whose sights are set on offering world-class eye care and superior treatment.

Callam WallerJack Salter By Callam Waller Jack Salter

CR Surfacing Laboratories : Putting the Grouse in Glasses 

Utilising a unique marketing strategy to engage the optical lens market, we take a look at CR Surfacing Laboratories and speak to the company’s Director, Adam Fletcher, about the latest in the industry.

Callam WallerMarcus Kääpä By Callam Waller Marcus Kääpä

Vision Eye Institute : Envisioning a Bright Future

James Thiedeman, CEO at Vision Eye Institute, discusses his organisation’s position as a leading provider of ophthalmology in Australia.

Callam WallerEditorial Team By Callam Waller Editorial Team

Thai Optical Group (TOG) : Clear Vision, Caring Culture

Thai Optical Group combines a welcoming corporate culture with cutting-edge technology and a drive towards digitisation.  

Callam WallerEditorial Team By Callam Waller Editorial Team

Vision Eye Institute : Staying 20/20 in 2020

Vision Eye Institute is at the leading edge of ophthalmology, helping to maintain people’s eyesight with its team of expert clinicians, innovative technologies and sizeable footprint across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Callam WallerEditorial Team By Callam Waller Editorial Team