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Our featured companies offer comprehensive training programs that cover various aspects of healthcare, including patient care, healthcare management, healthcare IT, medical billing and coding, and more. These companies are committed to improving the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals, providing them with the tools they need to enhance patient outcomes and advance their careers.

Latest Healthcare Education Corporate Stories

UCL : Addressing the Healthcare Skills Gap

Professor Nora Colton, Director of the UCL Global Business School for Health, explains the institution leading healthcare leadership reform.

Nora Colton By Nora Colton

Medical Teams International : Restoring Health and Wholeness

We talk to the CEO of Medical Teams International, Martha Holley Newsome, about going above and beyond in providing humanitarian support.

Callam WallerLucy Pilgrim By Callam Waller Lucy Pilgrim

Video: WHO, 75 Years of Improving Public Health

WHO takes a look back at its public health successes that have benefitted millions as it celebrates its 75th anniversary on 7 April 2023.

Fox Tucker By Fox Tucker

McGill University Health Centre : Caring for Quebec

McGill University Health Centre is a forward-thinking health center in the Canadian medical sector. We speak to President and Executive Director, Pierre Gfeller, regarding the progressive facilitation of medical services in and around the region.

Callam WallerMarcus Kääpä By Callam Waller Marcus Kääpä

University of Ghana Medical Centre Ltd : Quaternary Care

University of Ghana Medical Centre Ltd. is positioning itself to offer quaternary services. Dr. Darius Osei, CEO, discusses synergising healthcare, training and research.

GAMA Healthcare Australia : The Ward of Australia

Infection prevention has never been so critical. We speak to Suzanne Hammouche, CEO of GAMA Healthcare Australia, about the latest developments in the country’s healthcare space.

Callam WallerMarcus Kääpä By Callam Waller Marcus Kääpä

Aarhus University Hospital : Rising to the Challenge

Manning Denmark’s single largest medical hub, Aarhus University Hospital is at the epicentre of a masterplan exuding optimisation and transformation across the country’s rapidly progressing healthcare sector.

Callam WallerEditorial Team By Callam Waller Editorial Team