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Healthcare Outlook Issue 5

Issue 5 from the multi-channel Global Healthcare Resource Healthcare Outlook Magazine, by Outlook Publishing.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

The E-Prescribing Evolution

Electronic prescribing and medicines administration technology can be pivotal in transforming the way medication is delivered and managed, but that is only possible with the right solution that provides data insights.

Gary Mooney By Gary Mooney

VGDerma : Sustainable and Sensitive Skincare

Redefining hospitality cosmetics and pioneering vegan skincare, VGDerma has developed a range of products for the eco-travelling industry. We discuss the use of plastic-free packaging and innovative ingredients with Founder, Valentin Garnier.

Rachel Carr By Rachel Carr

Bio Conscious Technologies : Modernising Diabetes Care

A growing number of diabetes physicians are leveraging the powers of artificial intelligence in combination with continuous glucose monitoring systems to empower physicians in providing more personalised and effective care for diabetic patients.

Jerome Fischer By Jerome Fischer

Invio Automation : Setting the Future in Motion

We speak to Kevin Wolter, Director of Business Development at Invio Automation, about its proven automation expertise that has accelerated global businesses across a vast range of industries for over 60 years.

Callam WallerLucy Pilgrim By Callam Waller Lucy Pilgrim

CIUSSS West-Central Montreal : Complete Quebecois Care

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, details the network’s extensive digital healthcare transformation as technologies accelerate the industry transition.

Callam WallerJack Salter By Callam Waller Jack Salter

OHC : A New Healthcare Continuum

Shining brightly as a beacon of innovation and enhanced healthcare, OHC is transforming the treatment process for patients with cancer and blood disorders.

Callam WallerEd Budds By Callam Waller Ed Budds

THINK : Tackling Public Health Issues

Trevor Mvundura, Executive Director and Country CEO of THINK, tells us more about the non-governmental organisation’s commitment to advancing the health and well-being of vulnerable communities.

Lucy Pilgrim By Lucy Pilgrim

Angelini Pharma : Health is Wealth

As a leading supplier of consumer and specialist pharmaceuticals worldwide, Angelini Pharma is dedicated to improving its patient’s quality of life whilst perusing exemplary clinical and non-clinical research.

Cameron LawrenceLucy Pilgrim By Cameron Lawrence Lucy Pilgrim

Varex Imaging : Making the Invisible Visible

As a leading innovator, developer, and manufacturer of X-ray imaging component solutions worldwide, Varex Imaging has an expansive history of pioneering technological innovation. We speak to Mark Jonaitis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of X-ray Sources, to learn more.

Callam WallerLauren Kania By Callam Waller Lauren Kania